Sep 15, 2014


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Dec 26, 2012

Soul for sale

If having money has changed you as a person, you've already sold your soul.

Dec 12, 2012

Magic in 12.12.12

If you are feeling like doing something good, special or different today because it is 12/12/12, is it just because of a date that strikes a chord within you? If yes, you probably need to sit down, clear the clouded vision towards life and realize that something is going wrong in each day; or rather, each day is wrongly going somewhere.

12/12/12 brings nothing more or special than the power and beauty of each ‘New Day’ that we so carelessly overlook, each morning as we wake up. Just like every other day, sun rose from the same end of earth; with same warmth and shine, flowers waking up to the first ray of light, the bee buzz, the gentle, chill breeze, toddlers shouting, kids running to school, each of us finding ourselves amidst the loved ones we slept amongst the last night, and everything else – all is the same today, but just because we feel like labeling it as a special day, it feels different! Why not each day be just the same way then? Why this special treatment to 12/12/12? Isn’t that unfair to the remaining 364 days – just as beautiful as today? Why do we always have to be unfair to things we don’t like or just cannot realize are making a noticeable difference to us?

If you woke up to this morning, be thankful. For that’s the beauty of today. You!

This is the day, the moment that you know you have for sure. You have been given this one more wonderful day, full of moments that are as short as that by the time you read this, you realize that you already have lost a few of them. :)

You have been given this one more day – to wake up, to smell the morning breeze, to see the rising sun, to feel the dawny chill, to hear sounds that your chores make, to be able to do things you wish to; on your own, to follow your heart, to chase your dreams, tell people you love them, sharing lunches, cracking jokes at friends, eating most delectable food, listening to music, calling or texting people who are far away, tell someone you are missing them, wishing someone happy birthday or anniversary, writing your heart out, crying, confessing, repenting and moving on, clicking pictures, making a painting, cuddling with your loved ones, patting your pets, venting your anger, repairing your soul, healing your wounds, forgiving others, moving over your hurt, to tell the world, you are alive and you are going to make the most out of this one more opportunity!

Life is today! It is in this very moment! Seize it, live it!

12/12/12 is just an excuse. Much like a weary routinish wandered looking forward to his next vacations for a change!

Nov 19, 2012

Of Hurt. And Love!

Hurt is love. Probably the harsher part of it, but definitely it is. For how many times have you loved a person (or a thing) and not got hurt. Never, I suppose. No, I'm not justifying the reason of it; just its existence.

Love never comes alone. A myriad of feelings, emotions, feelings are the uninvited guests. Like them or not, but you always gotta entertain them - just like a bunch of relatives you really wish not to entertain and encounter when at home. There's no escape to them though!

Love brings attachment. Attachment brings along expectations. Expectations are sure to dash, sooner or later. Very much like the castle of cards that you so lovingly and diligently made up. We need to understand that we got to love people. But more importantly we need to be aware that all those people, now matter how much you love them and how much they love you back, are bound to err and hurt you; for they are humans and to err is them. We too, being human, hurt them but naturally and that's completely unavoidable (unfortunately we have made it completely unacceptable too). And we still want to love and be loved!

What point do I'm trying to make here?
Just that we need to understand (and accept) that everyone is going to hurt you. EVERYONE, I mean. It's for us to decide what's more important and carries more value to us - the love or the hurt. The decision of holding on and letting go lies somewhere there, very finely indeed.

One last thing.... Stronger the hurt, stronger has been your love!
Stay human, stay erring, stay loving.

Oct 27, 2011

A promise

A promise is a part of self kept with someone, uncollected till it is met.